Our Maths and English Courses

Our aim is to get every child performing to the best of their ability in Maths and/or English. We do this by providing Private Tutor standard lessons to be studied at home.

Our Maths and English Courses are designed to:

  • Help children achieve their true potential.
  • Develop study skills which will last them a lifetime.
  • Give them the confidence to succeed.

We recognise that every family is different and every family has different objectives, so our courses are fully flexible and every family should be able to find something which will suit their child’s needs and the time they have available.

Many of our parents decide to do both Maths and English because they recognise that making sure children have solid foundations in both subjects is crucial to future success.

We can of course help with either Maths or English separately and we can change course as we go along if necessary.

Examples of the type of need we can help with.

Reason for asking for help Possible Solution
Child behind in Maths Either intensive shorter course to get child back on track or Longer course to make improvements more gently over time.
Child behind in English Either intensive shorter course to get child back on track or Longer course to make improvements over time.
Child not getting much homework from school. Lack of homework holding up progress. Course of work that would run alongside work child does at school. Course would ensure child has strong foundations in Maths and/or English.
Bright child needing extra stimulation in Maths and/or English. Whilst we are careful not to move children too far ahead we would provide a stimulating course of Maths and/or English to suit.
Simply want to help child get better and perform to the best of their ability. Course of Maths and/or English designed to suit child’s current ability and then move them forwards.
Need child to perform well in SATs exams Course of work scheduled to take child to exam date and improve their performance in both Maths and English.
Need child to have some revision material to help them get ready for secondary school. Short summer course designed to make sure children start secondary education on a high.

How much work will children do?

Children doing single subjects will work for 15-30 minutes a day depending on the course they are on. Children doing both English and Maths will work for about 30 minutes per day.

We schedule work in three terms :




During each term we provide 12 lessons. This enables parents to either just work during the term time, or to do the work so that it spreads out a little and includes holiday periods. It is an adaptable format that our families say they like.

What does it cost

We aim to provide a very cost effective solution for parents and believe we are something in the region of 75% cheaper than a typical Private Tutor and around 30% cheaper than other supplementary education providers.

The cost of our Maths and English courses are:

Single Subject £144 per term ( 12 lessons at £12 each) Monthly equivalent cost £36 per month.

Maths and English £252 ( 12 double lessons at £21 each) Monthly equivalent cost of £63 per month.

Once you are on a course we make a commitment to hold the price throughout your relationship with us.

Will you be tied into a course for a set period?

We do not tie you into any of the courses in any way.

We hope the courses will be effective and enjoyable for each and every family but sometimes circumstances change. We recognise this is often unforeseeable and so make sure families can stop the programme whenever they wish to. We ask that you pay us for the lessons you have received.

How effective is the course?

Our lessons are very effective.

Of the children who stay with us through to the end of year six, we expect the vast majority to achieve Level 5, a significant number will reach Level 6.

Where children come to us with below-average performance we would expect to be able to improve their performance to above average over time (clearly this may be difficult if there are learning difficulties in the background but the course will help every child to perform to the best of their ability).

Your child will have a formal assessment at least every six months.

Unlike using a Private Tutor or other forms of supplementary education our courses directly involve parents:

  • You will see your child improve in front of your own eyes.
  • You will see improvements in confidence.
  • Children will develop improved study skills.
  • Children will develop improved levels of concentration.
  • Performance levels will improve, often dramatically.

Parents often tell us their children have improved before we pick it up formally through assessments.

What topics will children cover?

We assess every child at the beginning of the process and will start your child on a course that is appropriate.

Some children will be working at a higher level than others, but the content of any course will be age and ability adjusted.

How can you get started?

We will carry out an assessment of each child before starting and talk this through with you. To request an assessment or ask any questions please fill out the contact us box on this page and we will respond by e-mail.