Getting Started

Step 1 – Contact us

First of all, have a good look through this website.  You will find it covers all the essential information.  Then fill out the contact us form on the right hand side of the page.  We will respond to you by e-mail and talk you through everything, starting with our initial assessment.

Step 2 – Assessment

When you confirm your interest in the initial assessment, send the £60 fee and we will send you, by return, a set of easy to administer assessment tests, complete with instructions.  Your child will be able to complete the set of four tests in less than an hour and a half.  Having given your child the assessment tests, send them back to us for marking.

Step 3 – Lessons start!

Having marked the assessment tests we will e-mail you to discuss the results and send you a report. Provided you are happy to go ahead, we will start your child on a Lessons in the Post programme which is appropriate for his or her level of ability.  You will receive your first lesson programme within a few days.

Useful links for 11+ information:

  1. The Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex (CSSE) provides information about the Essex Grammar Schools and their selection procedures. To visit their website, click on 
  1. 11 Plus Guide is a brilliant free and independent online resource offering advice on all aspects of the 11+ exam, from past papers and exam preparation to detailed information on every independent and grammar school in the country. To visit their website, click on