We get frequent feedback from parents and children. The extracts below are from just a few of the many emails and letters we have received.

Now that he has returned to school he really does seem to be seeing the benefits of having done the first half of the Foundation Course, which is great for his confidence and general receptiveness.  Portugal

There is absolutely no doubt that Lessons in the Post have played a major role in X’s achievements this year.  The lessons are perfectly formed, fun, bite-sized as well as covering the curriculum. We cannot thank you both enough. London

I am sure you can understand how delighted we were with X’s results, as she is herself.  It has brought a renewed confidence about her. We knew she could do more than her school gave her credit for so thank you very much for all your guidance and support.  It might be hard some days but it’s sure worth it.  Kent

I absolutely love your lessons; both X and I learn so much. It is a pleasure.  I know he will do well in whatever he chooses and I am behind him all the way. He was very proud to receive your encouragement, and it makes us want to try harder.   North London

I am delighted to tell you that X went up 4 sub-levels in her Sats test this year. The teacher said she has progressed two years in one. She is now at the level she should be for her year-end and is now back on track. We are both really pleased with the results.  Manchester

 I got a new certificate for a great improvement in Maths. My teacher said that I am doing much better.  I am enjoying your work and I am definitely improving.  Sussex – (X’s teacher says she is thrilled with her progress.)

X has sent you her book review; this is the first book we have ever got to the end of.  Something is happening in the right direction.  She really enjoys her work. Kent

I am very grateful for all your lessons; it really has a huge influence on my work.   Birmingham

X has got the offer from Henrietta Barnet who said she did exceptionally well, especially in Maths and English.  Chelmsford High School for Girls sent me at email to say that X ranks number 2 in all 731 of their applicants.  Tiffin Girl’s School also noticed that she got a score of 275; the possible highest score which a girl can get in the exam is 280.  I finally chose North London Collegiate; the headmistress told me she is in the top 10 and that is why they are providing a 50% scholarship for her. I am really proud of her and your work. East London

It gives me great pleasure to let you know that X has been offered a place at our choice of Grammar school. We would like to thank you from the bottom of our heart as this wonderful result would not have been achieved without the help and support from you and Simon.   North London

I thought I’d tell you that I got 39 out of 40 in a mock SATs paper A.  The one I got wrong turned out to be right and was just a mistake in the marking!  40 out of 40!  A lot of the questions were stuff we’ve covered in Lessons in the Post.    Essex

I am going to Tabor Science College. I came ahead of almost 500 other people! A lot of stuff from Lessons in the Post has helped in class.  Thank you so much for everything guys, I really appreciate it.  Essex

I have just completed the acceptance slip for Chelmsford County High School and will be informing Felsted that we will not be taking up their scholarship.  Hertfordshire

Thank you for the lessons which made the whole exam process much less stressful, as we felt well prepared.  Suffolk

We’re very pleased to let you know that young X has been offered a place at Bishop Vesey Grammar School, his first-choice school.  Please accept our thanks for your excellent Lessons in the Post, we are all absolutely thrilled.  Birmingham

I am very grateful to you both for the support offered throughout Lessons in the Post.  I only wish I had known about it earlier.  I see a lot of potential for your service to ex-pats in France.  Many thanks for all your help and I hope Lessons in the Post goes from strength to strength.   SW London

Fantastic news!  X has been offered a place at Graveney School (Wandsworth Borough) which was our first choice. It offers 60 places to boys and girls who score highest in the Wandsworth Test. The school is highly over-subscribed with something like 2,000 applicants hoping for those places. Thank you so much for everything – the work has really paid off. He has gained a place in the Extension band.     S London

Just to let you know that X got through to SHSG, her first choice.  Really happy and what a relief!  Thanks both for your support.   Essex

Just to let you know that X got in both King’s School, Ely and Perse, Cambridge.  X and ourselves have decided to take up Perse.  Many thanks for the help provided.  LITP really provided us with a framework and structure to the preparation.  We will be in touch when it is time for our daughter to go through 11+ exams. Nottingham

Good morning, and damn good it is!  Yup, the little one has done it; she has been offered a place at Chelmsford County High School for Girls!  An enormous thank you from another of your success stories!  and later on that day another email… Thought you might like to see these results – she did pretty much equally well in all three papers, what a good girl!  She got in quite comfortably.  Essex

What a relief!  Both of them in their first choice of schools! I am very proud of X, it has been so competitive this year, but she smiles her way through it all, with your and Simon’s support and the wonderful Lessons in the Post.  Thank you both so much for all the support over all these years.  Essex

Very good news for you!  X has got all the offers from the Independent schools that she applied for: North London Collegiate gave her a place with a 50% academic scholarship. City of London School for Girls offered her a scholarship as well as a bursary totalling 66% discount of the full fee.  St Paul’s Girls School has also offered a place,   and we are waiting to hear from Henrietta Barnett School, the best state school in the country.  It is very hard to choose from all these schools.  I have been totally overwhelmed.  I am very proud of X and you.  You really helped a lot for her to achieve such good results.  She enjoyed all the homework you sent her. East London

I am doing very well at school in all my subjects and I was chosen to do the Year 6 Primary Maths Challenge.  I am now feeling very confident in my maths and I have made lots of progress.  Your lessons are great and are really helping me.  I especially like the games.  Sussex

Thank you for your course.  It has been very helpful and I feel that it has helped X hugely and will set him up for his senior schooling.  Suffolk

Just to let you know that X has been offered a place in New Hall and asked to sit the academic scholarship as well – she is really pleased (as we are).  So now we have a nice plan B just in case.   Kent