11 Plus Programme – A course of lessons with a great track record of success in 11 Plus exams.

 The 11 Plus Course has been running for 20 years. It has evolved and been updated and improved over the years but its results have remained consistently excellent. We don’t pre-select pupils to come onto the course like many Private Tutors but we have delivered a 73% success rate at getting children into their chosen grammar school and 100% into their Independent School since we started. Bearing in mind many of students are applying for the toughest of entries with around 10 pupils applying for each place we believe these results would be hard to beat with any other programme of work.

What does the 11 Plus Programme involve?

The 11 Plus course delivers a programme of work  that:

  • Develops core Maths and English skills so that pupils not only pass the 11 Plus test but also thrive when they get to their chosen school. We do not just teach for the test.
  • Covers Verbal Reasoning as standard but also can include Non-Verbal Reasoning within weekly schedules.
  • Boosts confidence and aids the development of self-study skills which remain a benefit to many pupils for years to come.
  • Delivers Private Tutor Standard lessons for about 30% of the cost of hiring a Private 11 Plus Tutor.
  • Is flexible so can be scheduled to adapt to individual family schedules.

How much commitment will be required?

Parents should make no mistake that preparing children for competitive selective entry at 11 Plus requires work and commitment. There are no short cuts, there are no quick and easy solutions. Some parents embark on their own programme of familiarisation using commercially available test papers. While doing test papers will have some beneficial effect for most pupils it is not going to be enough to deliver the step-change in performance that Grammar School entry demands.

We ask that our pupils normally do about half an hour per term-time weeknight, a little more is required once we begin the process of applying learning to sample test papers.

The full programme is 40 weeks long, but we can accommodate late starters. More intelligent children may be able to start partway through.

What are the costs?

We charge £33 per weekly lesson. Each Lesson if done thoroughly will give enough work to take around half an hour per term time weeknight. The whole course is 40 lessons long and we would normally advise parents to also do the very good 4-week revision course at the end.

We can help you spread the costs on a monthly basis if necessary.

How can you get started?

We always do an assessment of each child before they join us. An assessment helps all understand what level a pupil is at when they join so we know how far we have to go and can monitor progress effectively.

If you want to ask for an assessment or ask some questions please use the contact box on this page. We’d be happy to answer any questions that you might have.