Lessons In The Post provides carefully structured work programmes, set at a level which is relevant to your child’s needs.  Each weekly lesson gives you, the parent, around three hours of constructive teaching time with your child, with email support available from a tutor.  It is interesting to compare these prices with those of Private Tutors, who can charge from £30 to as high as £50 for just one hour with your child.

Over a year a guided course with Lessons In The Post will cost between £1,000 and £1,500 depending on the course you have whereas a tuition centre for two hours a week might cost £3000 and a Private Tutor for two hours a week might cost £5000.

Remember with a Private Tutor or tuition centre (where they are doing a professional job) there will still be work for parents to organise and often mark at home.

We now also provide a more streamlined, cost-effective alternative

We have recently evolved Lessons In The Post into a new streamlined service called Learning Street where the bespoke materials we use can be downloaded at home, produced as structured courses. While these courses do not provide tutor support, they are fully structured so you’ll always know what to when. It’s also a great solution for overseas students as the courses can be accessed at any time anywhere in the world!

Learning Street structured courses cost a one-off fee between £19 and £89 depending on the course you select. Prices are for the whole course, NOT per month. This provides a much more affordable alternative to the Lessons In The Post prices outlined below.

Current Lessons In The Post Price List:

Initial Assessment:

  • The initial assessment and report costs £60.
  • All further assessment tests (usually about every 6 months) are free.

Weekly lessons for 7 to 9 year olds (until they start the courses below):

  • £29 per weekly lesson, including the textbooks provided.

Weekly lessons for 9 to 11 year olds – preparation courses for 11+, Independent School exams and Year 6 SATs exams:

11+ Foundation Course (14 weeks):

  • Lessons: £29 per weekly lesson.
  • An initial charge of £42 for the many resources required for this course.

11+ programme for 11+ and Independent School exams (44 weeks):

  • Lessons: £30 per weekly lesson
  • An initial charge of £85 to cover the costs of the extra resources, stationery and the large number of 11+ practice papers needed in this course.
  • Final Revision Programme (4 weeks) at the end of the 11+ Programme: £130.

Fast Track Course for Year 6 SATs preparation (37 weeks):

  • Lessons: £30 per weekly lesson
  • An initial charge of £65 to cover the costs of the extra resources, stationery and the many practice papers provided in this course.

Lessons In The Post gives you the following benefits:

  • About 3 hours, every week, of varied, interesting and structured learning, specifically geared to your child’s ability. All answers are supplied so your child has immediate feedback.  It is fun and rewarding for parents and children.
  • Personal back-up and support from a Lessons In The Post tutor by email, whenever you need it.
  • Regular free assessments to monitor your child’s progress.
  • All the necessary learning materials, practice papers and books to ensure your child’s potential is fulfilled.
  • Teaching guidelines, recommended reading lists, book reviews and other useful information on educational matters.
  • No charges for postage.