11 Plus Courses

Our 11 Plus courses provide Private Tutor Standard lessons for parents to help their children with at home. We are typically 70% less expensive than a Private Tutor.

We have been helping parents for the last 20 years and have a fantastic results record.

Our Approach to 11 Plus preparation

What we aim to do is make sure our pupils have the strongest possible Maths and English skills. When the time is right we then apply these skills to test papers with the appropriate exam techniques.

We aim to produce pupils who will not only succeed in an 11 Plus Exam but who will also thrive when they get there. Feedback from previous pupils suggests this is exactly the right approach. Cramming in study groups, or with a Private Tutor brings little long term benefit.

Who can we help with their 11 Plus preparation?

We can help pupils from aged 7, although most of our pupils join us during year four or year five.

  • We deal with every 11 Plus exam type in every local authority area and the vast majority of Independent School 11 Plus exams.
  • We tailor our approach to suit you depending on the type of test pupils will face.
  • Where pupils face a verbal reasoning only exam we encourage every parent to think carefully about studying Maths and English as well to ensure success when pupils get to their grammar school.

What do our 11 Plus lessons and courses involve?

  • Normally we ask pupils to work for about half an hour per weekday during term time.
  • Pupils can catch up during weekends or spread the work out during holidays to suit individual schedules.
  • We give a varied and interesting mix of English Maths and Verbal reasoning topics ( Non- Verbal can be added in)
  • The Private Tutor standard lessons build up core skills so that pupils are in the best possible shape to give of their best when the 11 Plus exam comes.
  • We incorporate probably 30-40 test papers of varying degrees of difficulty towards the end of the programme and are on hand to help with any questions.
  • No parental teaching experience is required, parents just need to be available to help and encourage their children for half an hour a day.

What are the costs?

The costs vary between £27 and £33 per week. Pupils are put on a course that suits their abilities and moved forward accordingly. We normally send roughly 36 lessons per year (sometimes we work more intensively if necessary) and we let families spread the cost so prices range between £81 per month to £100 per month.

Our costs are about 70% less than a typical Private Tutor would charge.

How can you get started on an 11 Plus course of lessons?

We will normally assess each pupil to decide what level to start at and to help monitor progress as we go along.

To ask some questions or request an assessment use the contact us form on this page.