11 Plus for Younger Children

There is a large amount of academic research which shows that familiarising children with the different 11 Plus papers and giving them some practice will deliver improvements but real change only comes with long term work on core Maths and English skills.

Many parents start their preparation work with us mid-way through year 4 or at the beginning of year 5. We have, however, seen an increasing number of children who come to us earlier for a number of reasons:

  • Parents want to see if some improvement in performance can be made which might mean that Grammar schools are an option.
  • Parents simply want to help their children perform to the best of their ability and see where it goes, whether that is Grammar or top sets at a local secondary school.
  • Parents are thinking of going for one of the toughest of entries (Grammar or Independent) and know the sooner they start the better their chances.
  • Parents feel that as Lessons in the Post is 70% cheaper than a Private Tutor they may as well start early and look for steady progress.

What 11 Plus work do we do with younger children?

It might surprise many parents to know that we do not do 11 Plus tests of any description with younger children. What we do is simply gently work on improving their core English and Maths skills so that when it is appropriate to begin work with papers they have the skills to tackle the questions effectively.

Our success and results over the years have confirmed this approach as being the right one in our view.

What time commitment will be required?

There are no easy options that deliver great results for very little work.

Our process asks for the following:

  • For children to do half an hour’s work a night during weekday term time. Holidays and weekends are free.
  • If children have very busy weekdays then a schedule can be adapted so that work is spread over holidays as well. Children can of course work at the weekend if during the week is difficult.
  • Parents do not have to spend time ferrying children around going to tutor or study groups which makes things easier.

Once children get into a rhythm they tend to find the work enjoyable, once they begin to feel the benefits through better results they become increasingly motivated.

What does 11 Plus for younger children cost?

We provide about 36 lessons per year split into three terms of 12 lessons. This mirrors a typical school experience but still allows for flexibility.

Each lesson of Maths and English combined costs £27 or  £324 per term. Many Parents like to spread the cost and pay monthly which works out at £81 per month.

How can you get started on the 11 Plus programme for younger children?

Please use the contact us box on the right-hand side of this page.

We will want to speak to you to make sure we have understood your needs and will want to do an assessment of each child before we take them on.

An assessment allows us to benchmark a child’s performance so that we can see what level they are at, supply suitable work and track their progress.

Should you have any questions which are not answered on the website then please do get in touch.