Independent School Courses

Many families consider Independent School Entry at 11, Grammar School opportunities or of course some of the Independent School pre-tests prior to entry at 13 via the common entrance. Lessons in the Post caters for all these needs and has been doing so with great success for years.

Independent School Entry at 11

We have courses which can help children whether they are starting to improve during year three or are seeking to boost their skills in the last three or four months before an exam.

For a child starting at year three, we provide courses which develop their core skills and then work on building exam skills in the final year. About three months before the exam we put them on specialised advanced courses for creative writing, higher-level maths and more complex comprehension.

We have been very successful with Independent School entry over the last twenty years and our courses can be adapted to suit almost any situation.

Preparation for Scholarships and Bursaries at Independent Schools

For many parents, while they aspire to a place at an Independent School for their child they know they will need a bursary or scholarship to cover all the fees or, more commonly some of the fees. Competition for such places can be intense.

We have a great deal of experience helping parents through these situations and our advanced preparation courses (Maths stretch and revision, advanced comprehension and creative writing) serve, alongside the advice we offer, as very effective preparation.

Of course, success is not guaranteed as competition is so intense but we aren’t aware of another set of materials that have been as successful as ours over the years at helping children attain those elusive scholarships and bursaries.

Independent School Pre-tests

Our courses are often used by parents who are trying to help their children prepare for the new range of pre-tests that many schools use prior to entry at 13. Many of these tests are shrouded in mystery as both the test setters and the schools don’t want tutors to be over-familiar with them. However in most cases through exit interviews with children, we have gained a good understanding of what’s required and therefore have been able to prepare children effectively using a combination of our course materials plus additional personal advice.

While success cannot be guaranteed in these very competitive entries it does help to use materials with a track record and have access to information about the tests themselves and what to expect on the day.