11 Plus Foundation Course

We established the 11 Plus Foundation Course materials as support for the main 11 Plus programme.

We found that parents were coming to us during year four or during the summer holidays before going into year five wanting some help bringing their children up to the performance level required for the 11 Plus exam.

The 11 Plus Foundation Course helps children come up to a level where they can deal with the sophistication of the work with the 11 Plus programme and make sure there are no gaps in their core English and Maths skills. The course also deals with vocabulary enhancement prior which aids verbal reasoning performance later on.

What does the 11 Plus Foundation course contain?

The course is 14 weeks long and provides about half an hour of work per weekday. Weekends can be used to catch up. Schedules can be personally adapted so that the work can be covered over a longer or shorter period.

The 11 Plus Foundation Course covers:

  • Development of core Maths skills
  • Development of core English skills
  • Early Verbal Reasoning work

(Non-verbal reasoning work is not included at this level even if it is going to be part of any 11 Plus test. The reason is that it is far too early to start. Non-Verbal reasoning is built-in at an appropriate time if needed.)

The lessons have evolved from a Private Tutor environment over the last 20 years and are of Private Tutor Standard.  The lessons continue to produce excellent results.

What does the 11 Plus Foundation Course cost?

The course costs £32 per weekly lessons. This can be paid flexibly by month to suit budgets if necessary.

The 11 Plus Course costs about 30% of the price of a Private Tutor for the same amount of work.

How can you get started?

We would normally carry out an assessment of each pupil before they join. We talk through the results fully with you before embarking on a suitable course. The assessment also enables us to keep track of progress as we go.

If you would like an assessment or would like to ask any questions please do get in touch using the contact us box on this page. We’d be happy to answer any questions that you have.