Overseas Students

Lessons in the Post has been in great demand in countries outside mainland UK. We have set ourselves up to try and help. We are one of the very few ways (if not the only way in many countries) of getting Private Tutor Standard lessons based on the English education system.

Typically we have seen quite a bit of demand from either ex-pats or foreign nationals and have helped families in Hong Kong, USA, Portugal, Czech Republic, Bermuda, The Channel Islands, Dubai to name a few.

Families come to us for a number of reasons :

  • To provide help in English or Maths as tutors are difficult to find and don’t focus on the UK system.
  • To help their children perform to the best of their ability.
  • To help prepare children for 11 Plus exams for either a UK Grammar School or Independent School.
  • To make sure children are ready to re-enter the UK system should it be necessary.

How do we supply lessons outside the UK?

We have learnt through experience that children learn best on paper and that parents and children are most likely to sit down and make progress where lessons are provided ready to do. For that reason, we supply all our lessons on paper even in an international environment.

We take great care to understand the best route for sending materials and put together a suitable schedule. The experience should be exactly the same as if the family was in the UK.

We do not charge extra for postage to international destinations.

How can you get started?

As with all our children we would do an initial assessment. We would discuss the results with you and decide on the best route forwards. Once we have established a schedule that suits you we would then start the lessons.

Please use the contact us form to get in touch initially. On an ongoing basis we communicate through email for help and support whenever you might need it.

Payments can be made through internet transfer or by card with no extra charges.